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May 07, 2018


Seasoned watch collectors and newcomers alike know that a Rolex watch is reliable investment. The Swiss brand’s watches are consistently in demand and, because they’re crafted from high-quality materials, built to last. So if you’re ready to put your investment-dollars towards a Rolex, here are our tips to ensure your watch will retain its value.

  1. Invest in a pre-owned Rolex watch.

Consider purchasing a pre-owned Rolex in lieu of a new one. When you buy a new watch, the value drops significantly and immediately, just like driving a new car off the lot, your brand spanking new Rolex’s resale value plummets once you step out of the store. However, purchasing a pre-owned Rolex watch circumvents that immediate depreciation to ultimately save you a lot of money.

  1. Pick the right Rolex style for you—and reselling later.

The beauty of investing in a Rolex is that you can actually wear and enjoy your investment every day. Therefore, you want your Rolex watch to be a representation of your personal style. If you work in a suit-and-tie office, opt for the formal-looking Rolex President or timeless Rolex Date-Just. Sportier Rolex styles include the Rolex Daytona and Rolex Yacht-Master. The Rolex Submariner is perhaps the most iconic model that feels as appropriate at brunch as it does in the boardroom. These core Rolex styles are consistently in demand so, if you ever want to resell your wrist watch, you will have no problem finding an interested buyer. Picking up a well-known and beloved Rolex model increases your watch’s resale value and makes it even easier to trade up down the line.

Rolex - Care

  1. Care for your Rolex watch.

Rolex watches retain their value well but you’ll earn even more for your pre-owned watch if you take care it. And regardless of whether or not you hope to eventually upgrade or resell your timepiece, it’s wise to care for a significant purchase like a Rolex watch. Here are some fundamental care tips:

Avoid extreme temperatures. Do not wear your Rolex watch in temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit as the cold weather may damage the inner components. Similarly, your watch will not fare well in high temperatures; if you’re going to be in the sun on a balmy day (think: a hot afternoon at a baseball game or a picnic in the park), leave your Rolex at home. Double-check the water-resistant crown before going for a swim. Rolex watches are incredibly water-resistant. But, in order for the watch to truly be water-resistant, the Rolex’s crown must be thoroughly screwed and locked down. Also, confirm to what depth your watch is water-resistant.

Wipe down your Rolex at the end of the day. Clean away any smudges, fingerprints, or residual oils (sometimes left behind by hand soap or lotion) with a soft cloth.

Wind your Rolex regularly. If your Rolex watch has a manual movement, you’ll need to wind it every one to two days to keep it ticking. To wind your Rolex, remove the watch from your wrist, unscrew the crown, and slowly wind the crown clockwise. If your watch has an automatic power reserve, you will need to wear it 10-12 hours a day with normal usage.

Rolex - Fake

  1. Be on the lookout for fake or replica Rolex watches.

Many shoppers are hesitant to buy a Rolex watch online—and for good reason. With the high value of and demand for a Rolex watch, it leaves them incredibly vulnerable to counterfeiting and these scams are made easier by the anonymity of the internet. When shopping online for new or pre-owned Rolex watches, do not be swayed by a low price tag. If it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Before you click “Buy Now,” scan other websites to see the general market value range for that specific Rolex model. If the quoted price you receive falls well below that range, it’s a strong indication the Rolex is a fake. For more quick tips on how to spot a fake Rolex, read our post here. It’s not worth the risk of buying from a questionable seller; you’re highly likely to be out of the hundreds or thousands of dollars you shell out to a counterfeiter.